These are great ideas that were pitched, almost sold,
but died of very unfortunate causes. SAD

Historically, construction has always been the industry with the highest concentration of immigrant workforce. About 2.2 million construction workers are foreign born.


DeWalt tools and accessories’ rich history and proven performance have helped immigrants build this nation for years.

As a brand made of spirit, grit and determination, which understands construction like no one else, DeWalt is committed to telling the story of those who build in America – we know that diversity is what makes America, and we are proud to stand by it as we continue to work toward building the future.




Diversity Works

A campaign that shines a light on a crucial workforce who’s behind helping to build America: immigrants. 

The idea comes to life through a series of strikingly shot, black & white portraits of proud workers carrying one bold message “I MAKE AMERICA,” which, at second glance, also reveals another poignant message:



Campaign Concept. Art Direction. Copywriting. Social. Digital.



OOH ads are placed next to job sites across major cities in the U.S. communicating our message. 



Less than half of immigrants speak English very well and about 13% don’t speak it at all, according to new numbers the U.S. Census Bureau.

Knowing how to speak English is fundamental for immigrants to feel empowered in the new culture they’re in. So, DeWalt will also team up with Duolingo and volunteer teachers to help immigrant workers learn English.



Most jobs in construction are temporary, and the way workers find about them is through word of mouth – these workers are not on networking websites.

DeWalt creates a platform that connects construction workers on social media, for them to share where the best opportunities are all across the country. Brought by DeWalt Connected Tools.


Economists like to talk about automation like it’s a good thing.

Better output. GDP growth. Esoteric jargon like “lossless transition” and relentless claims that automation creates as many jobs as it displaces. 

But even though the economy may still be growing, it doesn’t acknowledge the real, human impact of automation.



The Redemption Bot

Technology, machine learning and AI have had an impact on the job market, and specifically on people losing their jobs. 

In a symbolic gesture, Monster reprograms a retired manufacturing bot to help displaced workers find better opportunities.


Who Are They?

Blue collar workers. Real people whose jobs are becoming obsolete due to Automation. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, young and old. Resilient people, willing to learn, adapt, and pursue a life of better. True Americans. 

These individuals are hard working laborers, the heartbeat of the American economy. They are individuals of all colors, sex and race. Most have dedicated their entire professional careers to one particular company. Others, have endured through different job transitions, which continue to leave them at risk.


The Experience


It all begins at a job fair. 

We will usher candidates to enter our Monster room for a job placement experiment. 

Upon getting in, the candidates meet Bot. 


After a simple resume scan, the robot will capture and process the data from each resume category, such as Title, Experience, Location, Skills, and Education, then generate valuable metrics (infographics) to help each candidate prepare and be qualified for new careers, many actually created by automation. 


The Conclusion

After a symbolic hand shake with the robot, each candidate will walk back into the job fair ready to connect with employers offering real opportunities and training programs for candidates like our featured participants.

Employers will have watched each candidate Bot interaction and will have a clear sense of their experience, potential and most importantly, personality. 

Candidates will be left with considerable information, resources, and hope to encourage them to Find Better.


The children around the world who need emergency international assistance the most come from five – of the eight – countries singled out in President Trump’s list of nations where visas are suspended: Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

In a world where walls and bans are dividing us more than ever, with people getting increasingly immune to the news they see and hear everyday, Unicef is facing a tough challenge:

How to reach an audience who have closed their eyes and shut their ears to such a pressing situation? 
SCENT is the only thing our senses cannot ignore – scent knows no borders.




We’ll partner with Firmenich, a perfume manufacturer, with a long history of social responsibility, to produce a special edition fragrance line, created from essential oils specific to the countries affected by the travel ban.

Let’s use the pleasant aroma of these fragrances to lure people in and then present a striking message they simply won’t be able to ignore.

We’ll launch and activate the idea  by distributing samples of Uniscent at major airport hubs, as well as places with high-foot traffic in big metropolitan areas.


Construction is the industry with the lowest percentage of female workforce. On the jobsite it’s literally men only.

Less than 1 percent are women. 



Guaranteed Tough

The First female-only jobsite!

We'll recruit the few existing female professional construction workers throughout the U.S. and let them run one jobsite, which could be the new premises of a women-owned business, a community school for girls, a pro-gender equality organization or simply any company/brand that wants to take a stance on gender equality.